Chapter 1
I carried my brand new suitcase as I ascended a the flight of stairs and damn, I was very happy. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to share a room with the brat I had for a little brother. No more statements like, “Jayson, I want a glass of water,” at 3am, or “Jayson, read me a bed time story,” or “Jayson I had a bad dream, “Jayson I saw a cockroach.” Best of all I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, invite whoever I wanted and fornicate whenever I wanted without having my nagging brother calling me every 10 seconds.
I stood on the balcony and enjoyed the view, cloudless azure skies, the afternoon breeze, birds forming silhouettes as they flew in the sky, magnificent buildings,,,,,,, oh wait, what am I saying, the view I’m talking isn’t that nonsense but rather the girls. Bevies of beautiful 1st year girls were all over carrying a number of suitcases buckets and hand bags, I still can’t figure out why one person would need 3 suitcases, four buckets and two handbags, but anyway, they were freaking hot. Light skins, dark skins, tall short, thick, petit,, name them ,,all at my disposal. “Mommy always told you to put more focus on books rather than those beings who possess an extra X – chromosome,” squirmed my little brother which further heightened my urge to R.K.O the crap out for him for the second time.”Shouldn’t you be studying parts of a locust or something?” I asked. “I did that before my Science project,,,,,,,,” he kept on yapping on how he won his Science project and I lost interest
Having brand new Gucci shoes, designer T-shirts and brand new pair of jeans, I stormed into the room confidently and met a naked lady riding a buffed man. The room was full of smoke from Cannabis that literally made my eyes water, the floor was full if used condoms, the study table had different brands of alcohol, rolls of cannabis and a white powder which I presumed it to be cocaine. Upon seeing me, the lady made a deafening shriek while the man took a bottle of beer and threw it at me, luckily I ducked, missing it by a whisker sending the bottle in pieces after it hit the wall behind me followed by yells in a foreign language which I presume wasn’t a Welcoming speech. My brother made a run for it and I followed him leaving my suitcase full of my valuables inside the room.

“Who was that guy?” I asked rhetorically as I caught my breath. “That is your new roommate. Welcome to The Devil’s Campus,” said a guy right next to me who witnessed

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