Chapter 1 has been edited. It had too much typos

Chapter 1
I carried my brand new suitcase as I ascended a the flight of stairs and damn, I was very happy. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to share a room with the brat I had for a little brother. No more statements like, “Jayson, I want a glass of water,” at 3am, or “Jayson, read me a bed time story,” or “Jayson I had a bad dream, “Jayson I saw a cockroach.” Best of all I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, invite whoever I wanted and fornicate whenever I wanted without having my nagging brother calling me every 10 seconds.
I stood on the balcony and enjoyed the view, cloudless azure skies, the afternoon breeze, birds forming silhouettes as they flew in the sky, magnificent buildings,,,,,,, oh wait, what am I saying, the view I’m talking isn’t that nonsense but rather the girls. Bevies of beautiful 1st year girls were all over carrying a number of suitcases buckets and hand bags, I still can’t figure out why one person would need 3 suitcases, four buckets and two handbags, but anyway, they were freaking hot. Light skins, dark skins, tall short, thick, petit,, name them ,,all at my disposal. “Mommy always told you to put more focus on books rather than those beings who possess an extra X – chromosome,” squirmed my little brother which further heightened my urge to R.K.O the crap out for him for the second time.”Shouldn’t you be studying parts of a locust or something?” I asked. “I did that before my Science project,,,,,,,,” he kept on yapping on how he won his Science project and I lost interest
Having brand new Gucci shoes, designer T-shirts and brand new pair of jeans, I stormed into the room confidently and met a naked lady riding a buffed man. The room was full of smoke from Cannabis that literally made my eyes water, the floor was full if used condoms, the study table had different brands of alcohol, rolls of cannabis and a white powder which I presumed was cocaine. Upon seeing me, the lady made a deafening shriek while the man took a bottle of beer and threw it at me, luckily I ducked, missing it by a whisker sending the bottle in pieces after it hit the wall behind me followed by yells in a foreign language which I presume wasn’t a Welcoming speech. My brother made a run for it and I followed him leaving my suitcase full of my valuables inside the room.
“Who was that guy?” I asked rhetorically as I caught my breath. “That is your new roommate. Welcome to The Devil’s Campus,” said a guy right next to me who witnessed everything.
“You really are going to miss me as a roommate,” giggled my little brother. “Shut up and get the fuck outta here,” I replied angrily and he did what I told him to do, he found his way out of campus. I gathered courage once again and walked to my new room or rather, my allegedly new room. Just as I was about to knock the door, I heard deep and tender moans from the inside, knocked the door and all the moaning stopped which, followed by statements in a foreign language by a masculine voice. Judging from the tone, the man was pissed. I’ll get it,” said the feminine voice and I heard footsteps approaching the door. “Hello,”,said a very beautiful girl who opened the door. She was covered in a white towel and she was gorgeous which meant that the reason why I didn’t spot that beauty earlier was because she was naked and my eyes were focused on other assets of her body. “Sorry for the inconveniences but can you come back at night,” she politely asked. “Please,,,,,I promise you’ll get a roof above your head,” she politely added. As she was drafting her apology, I looked at her astonishing dark African eyes, her long dark high, her lips which I could have kissed them if she wanted which were perfectly curved with a strongly defined Cupid’s bow. She had a smooth dark skin which was probably full of melanin making her the quintessential African beauty,,,,,,,,,,just as I was admiring the beauty of the girl , a shoe came from the room which flew past my right ear and this was followed by ‘get out’,from the man and the door was shutt right on my face. Anyway, on the bright side, I figured out that he could speak English.
I kept my sorry self busy by strolling around campus and went to the cafeteria which was full of a sea of students eating different meals. At the furthest end of the cafeteria, I a saw 43” Samsung television erected on the wall in which several boys (who seemed to be second third and fourth years)were watching replays of the English Premier League matches on supersport. On the right hand side of the cafeteria, I saw a poster that read, FIFA 22, LATEST MOVIES AND SERIES IN HERE. To kill the boredom, I went to play FIFA 22 on Play Station 4 and right amongst us, there was a man, who seemed to be owner of that business. He was quite friendly by the way, but what was awkward about him was the tattoo on his left hand, a skull with a snake coiled around it. As much as I was a big fan of tattoos,,I found that one quite disturbing. Though it also reminded me of Lord Voldemort’s death eaters know J.K Rowling’s books, The Harry Potter novel series

“Want a match?” asked a tall thin guy in a brand new Chelsea jersey. I nodded in approval and we began. The guy chose Chelsea and I chose the Red Devil’s – Manchester United and damn he was good especially for a guy using a 5-4-1 formation, playing a highly defensive game like Atletico Madrid or Jose Mourinho. After 120 minutes, we were on a stalemate, 2-2, and the winner was to decided by penalty shootouts and unfortunately, I lost. “Name’s Kai by the way,” he said as he stretched his hand for a handshake. “I’m Jayson, I replied while while giving him a handshake and that’s how I made my first friend.

To my amusement, Kai had the same sense of humor as I did and really loved women like I did, so we decided to talk to two ladies who were in the cafeteria. They were fun and willing to answer questions and for quite an hour, we shared a hearty laugh. Later on, Natasha and Nicole took us to their room and it felt like being led straight to the honeycomb. Unlike the male’s hostels which were messy, noisy and dirty, the ladies hostels were as clean as a new pin. The scent of perfumed bathing soaps filled the atmosphere and unlike our place which was punctuated by loud reggae music, the female hostels were silent and serene.

Nicole led us to room 26 and I saw the dream room my mother always wanted me to have. Unlike my room back at home which was messy, room 26 was neat, all beds were spread (I’ve never made my bed by the way), chairs and tables were neatly arranged in which all of them had a nice plastic flower on top of it. The floor had a purple fluffy carpet that one could have easily slept on,,,,,,,,,”Welcome, have a seat. Or a bed,” giggled Natasha as we got into the room.
“,,,,,,,,,,dad you don’t have to call me every 5 minutes to know whether I’m fine,,,,,,,,, yeah dad,,,,,, I love you too,,,,,,,,,,bye,” said a feminine voice as the door open and damn, the creature that walked in was hot, hotter than Nicole and Natasha combined. She had thick thighs, wide hips, flat tummy, prominent boobs and very cute face especially with the pair of round glasses she was wearing. She was in a white T-shirt with an Alan Walker logo and a tight fitting pair of black jeans that revealed her perfect curves. “Damn I love campus,” I whispered to myself. “Where did you get those glasses,” I asked her. “At the city center in optica shop next to chicken inn,” she replied in the sweetest voice I ever had. “Got eye problems too?” she asked. “No I just want to look as pretty as you,” I replied unconsciously which sent her blushing and all pink. “Thank you,” she replied in soft tone. “I’m Luna, you are?” she asked. “I’m Kai, sorry Phillip,,,,,no Jayson,,,I’m Jayson,” I replied and she giggled revealing set of brilliant white teeth. “Nice to meet you Jayson,” she replied as she stretched her hand for a handshake revealing a set of manicured nails. I shook her light skin hand and it was smooth and warm which sent an electrical surge throughout my body which compelled me to know more about her. Luna not only had an smashable body, but she was also brilliant in all aspects and an Alan Walker fan, just like me. We talked on length till nightfall and we all went for supper but I forgot that Natasha and Nicole were existing. Luna bought chips, chicken and coca cola just like any normal mundane girl and I did the same with my eyes fixed on her eyes till I saw another skull tattoo on the left hand of the waiter.

“Do you read ghost and demonic stories?” Luna asked after she saw me staring at the tattoo. “No,” I replied. “But I do watch Lucifer,” I replied. “I don’t mean the Netflix show, I mean real ghost and demonic stories,” she asked. “No,” we all said in unison. “Legend has it that this campus was built on the grave of a man who was a satanist. He lived centuries ago and when people knew he was a devil worshipper, they caught him and beat him to death on the night of the full moon then he was buried somewhere in this land. So every full moon, his followers usually gather at his burial site and sacrifice one virgin girl so as to appease his angry soul, that’s why this campus was nicknamed The Devil’s Campus, and this is the logo of that cult,” she finished and showed us the same skull with a snake coiled around it in her phone gallery. “Why on Earth do you have such a thing on your phone!!!!” Natasha yelled in fear. “Relax Nat, it’s just a ghost story my father used to scare us with so that we could eat our vegetables when we were little,” said Luna while laughing. “What about those tattoos? They do look like that photo,” I asked Luna. “The one the waiter had? Oh come on, people got lots of tattoos, I also have one on my thighs,” said Luna smiling sheepishly leaving me suppressing the urge of asking her to show me the tattoos in a private setting. “If you wanna see them Jay? All you have to do is ask,” said Luna and this was followed by Kai purposefully stepping my leg
We walked out of the cafeteria and it was the night of the full moon and Luna’s light skin face was glowing in the moonlight, well that’s what I saw. Just then I saw a black crow standing on the roof of the cafeteria then it flew towards the Western direction. “That’s odd crows don’t usually fly at night,” I told Luna. “What crow?” Luna asked. “Did you see any crow?” Luna asked Kai. “We probably missed it,” Kai replied. We were back in Luna’s room where we spoke till midnight and Natasha wasn’t comfortable having men in her room at midnight so we had to leave but before we left, Luna gave me her jacket which had a note that had a phone number and the statement, “I will get rid of them so that you and I can have some alone time.” It was cold very cold even with Luna’s jacket. The full moon lit the path and a strong wind blew towards the Western direction. In addition to that, I saw something like a mist or white smoke or something that looked whitish blowing moving to the Western direction but Kai saw nothing. “Did Luna’s exquisite beauty make me loose my mind to a point of seeing things?,” I asked myself. “Who are those?” Kai asked pointing at some people in dark hooded robes walking towards the West in which one of them had the skull logo at the back of his robe. “Let’s get outta here, you stay in Everest hostels right? That’s too far, come to my place in Alps hostels, I’ve got extra blanket,” suggested Kai and I followed him to his room and spent the night thinking about Luna.

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