Chapter 2
Luna was right in front of me, as hot as hell, very beautiful and so seductive. She grabbed my hand affectionately smiled and led me to a garden at the West of the campus. It was green, full of birds and beautiful flowers, couples were sitting over there having picnics, enjoying the free tranquility and serenity mother nature had to offer. She picked a hibiscus flower, deeply sniffed it, winked at me and the bright red flower withered. The birds that were flying died mid-air and fell on the ground splashing blood all over. The people who were having picnics turned to bones and the once bright sky turned dark, once again, her light skin tone glowed in the dark but this time, she was standing on a pile of human bones.”JAYSON!!” she screamed in pain..

“That Luna girl really got into your head, didn’t she,” said Kai. “What?” I replied in a drowsy voice with eyes still heavy. “Do you know you were talking in your sleep,” said Kai. “You were like, Luuuuuunah, Luuuuuuunah, damn bro,” Kai added making odd facial expressions. “And there she is, waking you with morning glory,” said Kai after he saw Incoming call from Luna💀👻 on my phone. “Why did you save her with a skull emoji,” Kai inquired. “I did?” I asked looking surprised since I didn’t recall saving her that way. Why would I even do that? She was literally the most beautiful woman I ever saw with a highly attractive personality, she deserved lots of love emojis and,,,,,,,”Are you going to answer that or should I give the two of you some alone time,” said Kai laughing and interrupting my thoughts. I was nervous, and shaky, what if I said something wrong, or she noticed something wrong with my drowsy voice. Or a random girl just walks in and she hears a feminine voice in a guy’s room at 8am. The phone rang till Kai answered it, “This is Jayson’s phone, how may I assist you madam Luna,” said Kai. “Is Jay around? I would like to speak to him,” said Luna on loud speaker. “I’m not ready to talk, my voice is terrible. Tell her I’m not here,” I whispered. “Oh Jayson, he’s right here,,,,,,,Jayson, it’s your girlfriend,” said Stanley loudly. “I nervously took the phone, made my hair and wiped the dirt out of my eye, still don’t know why I made myself look presentable on a voice call, but anyway, I talked. “Morning sleepy head? Did you dream of me?” Luna asked sounding so excited to listen to my voice. I did dream of her but I couldn’t tell her that she appeared as the goddess of death and destruction in my dream so I fabricated a lie. “Well, I,,,,ummm, I did think of you and,,,,,,,” “He was singing your name the whole night ,disrupting the sleep of the entire block!!!” shouted Stanley. She giggled. “My roommates aren’t around, they’ve gone to church so if you are not busy, we can have that alone time I promised you,” she said while squeaking and giggling. I felt a sudden wave of excitement, Luna was all alone in her room and she called me over, even if I was busy I would have definitely postponed it. “Aaaaannnd, I will show you my tattoo in on my thighs,” she added. I couldn’t believe my ears, I would see her thick yellow lif saving thighs. “I’m on way,” I replied. “I’ll be in my room,” said Luna and she hanged up

“Where are you going?” Kai asked. “To smash Luna,” I replied. “Brush your teeth, and take a shower,” said Kai making me realize that I was just out of bed very sweaty and shaggy despite my futile attempts to make my hair. “Oh shit,” I silently said to myself, all my clean clothes were in Everest 21 which apparently was inhabited by a psychopathic lunatic with a pathologic habit of throwing shoes and beer bottles at visitors. However, the thought of Luna gave me confidence to face him and spear him in case he yells at me once again. I ran towards like madman to Everest hostels, knocking down two first year girls on the way and to my luck, the room was open and empty. It was clean, fresh and had a strawberry like scent. My suitcase was right where I left it, still clean, new and untouched. I took a quick shower, wore my cologne and dressed to impress and rushed to Luna’s room with a bunch of condoms I got from Kai.

Luna was in white booty shorts and a white T-shirt. She tied her long hair as she cleaned the windows of her room listening to an Alan Walker mix. Since she didn’t see me, I tried to sneak up on her and surprise her. “Don’t even think about it Jay,” she said without turning around. “How did you know it was me?” I asked. “I have some,,,,,special gifts,” she said. “Come here,”she added as she hugged me and I felt her warm breasts on my chest. Her perfect body had the sweet scent of cocoa butter and I felt the urge of touching her butt but I didn’t want to be weird. “How’ve you been?” Luna asked after she unwrapped her arms around me. “I’ve been,,,,,,,,,” there was a strong wind from the outside which slammed the windows shut cracking one of the panes and the door which I assumed was shut burst open. The wind continued blowing for about a minute and stopped almost as soon as she wore her glasses. “Oh great, now I have to talk to the custodian to fix this window pane,” said Luna in disappointment. “You look beautiful,” I told her. “Really? I just woke up cleaned this place and haven’t even taken a shower,” she replied and the thought of seeing her taking a shower crossed my mind which immediately gave me a boner, forcing me to adopt different standing positions to conceal it. To make matters worse, she took off her wet T-shirt leaving her with a bra revealing a nice pair of boobs that maintained my boner making it difficult to conceal it. “Have a seat on my bed,” she said as she wore a dry T-shirt. I took a seat, and used her pillow to hide my boner. She made me a cup of tea and sat next to me, her thick yellow thighs next to me, which had portions of her tattoes, she was so close to me and if she got any much closer, my boner would have been visible even beneath her pillow. She asked me a question but I didn’t hear it since I was so focused on my boner, stupid hormones, activating when least necessary. Her lips were moving but I couldn’t tell what she was saying since my sexual emotions were so high. “Think of a happy place, think of grandma’s sweet porridge, yes, grandma will definitely kill your boner,” I told myself.

Just then, the door flung open and Luna checked if her glasses were properly adjusted. Nicole walked in and thank God, someone finally killed my premature boner. “Have you seen Natasha,” said Nicole in a frantic tone. “Who’s Natasha?” Luna replied. “Your other roommate,” said Nicole. “Her name’s Natasha? That grumpy self-righteous girl,” said Luna. “Have you seen her or not,” said Luna. “Wasn’t she in church with you? SDA or something?” Luna asked. “She never came to church, actually, she wasn’t in the room when I woke up,” said Nicole. “Which was 5am,” Nicole added. “What on Earth were you doing out of bed at 5am?” Luna asked. “I usually listen to the morning fellowship on radio,” said Nicole. “Has she come back? I see her bed is spread,” said Nicole. “No, I’m the one who made the bed, she even left her phone over here, it’s over there,” said Luna pointing at an infinix smart phone on the study table. “That’s why she’s not answering her phone,” said Nicole looking worried. “She will be fine, maybe she went to her boyfriend or something,” I tried to contribute. “Boyfriend? She doesn’t have one,” said Nicole. “Of course she doesn’t, I mean look at her, she’s grumpy and unlovable. She yelled at me claiming tattoos are the gateway to demonic possession,” said Luna. “You are not helping Luna,” retorted Nicole. “She’ll be fine, she’s probably somewhere preaching about celibacy in campus,” said Luna mockingly.

Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days and still there was no word from Natasha. Luna kept on complaining on how Nicole kept on nagging her on Natasha’s whereabouts. I on the other hand didn’t give a damn since while Nicole was worried about Natasha’s livelihood, I was worried about Luna’s sexlihood, what if someone smashed her before I did, what if I was slow in shooting my shot then some rich guy snatched her away from me. However, at the same time, I didn’t want to smash and dump like I always did in high school. I wanted to hold her, please her, watch her laugh, listen to he warm breath, look deep into her eyes,,,,,,,,,”You puny ass lambistic shit, you are in love with that bitch” said Kai every time, which was literally all the time, I talked about Luna. What does puny ass lambistic shit mean anyway? I changed my room and stayed with Kai which had the following advantages; 1) It had no psychopathic sex maniacs, 2) It was warmer, 3) It was just a stone throw away from Luna’s room. Actually Kai’s window provided a direct view to Luna’s window, which gave me the liberty to watch her change her clothes. One Sunday evening, Luna made me watch her undress then wrote the words, “Come bite me,” on the window using cutex. I jumped through the window since the room was on the ground floor, found Luna in a white towel but just as I was about to harvest her, Nicole walked in with posters written, “MISSING PERSON”, followed by Natasha’s photo below the writings

Friday morning, final day of the orientation of first years where they say, avoid alcohol, avoid relationships, read books, blah blah blah, something out of the ordinary happened. The dean of students announced that something was found at the prohibited grounds to the west of the campus. “That field is prohibited?” I whispered to Luna. “Since when?” I added. “Since always Jay, that’s what they said on the first day but you were too busy looking at my boobs,” said Luna.

“We are sad to announce that a dead body has been found in the prohibited grounds to the West of the campus by our security team. The student was one of us. Her name was Natasha Nuru,” said thr Dean of Students and Luna screamed so loud that it echoed in thr entire hall, much louder than a that of a speaker. The scream was abnormally high pitched and it was followed by malfunctioning of all the speakers and microphones of that place.

Seconds later, the power was back and we all had a moment of silence for Natasha. Sadly, once the moment of silence was over, people went back to their usual business, some were chatting, others laughing, others taking selfies and posting memes. Anyway, that’s life, it tends to move on when you are gone. Nicole was however the only one who was disturbed, after all, she was Natasha’s twin sister. She sat a few seats next to us and was sobbing uncontrollably throughout the rest of the session but nobody cared about what she felt.
Once she was unable to see people mind their own businesses despite the death of their fellow colleague, she angrily stormed out of the hall. “Let her grieve. It must be hard to lose your twin,” said Luna.

The session was over, Kai, Luna and I headed to room 26 and we heard Nicole’s painful wails even before we got in. We silently got in the room and found her looking at Nicole’s photos and tiktok videos (damn I hate that app) on her phone. The late Natasha was with her twin sister dancing to the tune of the music. “Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dr. Natasha Nuru,” said the late Natasha delightfully on the video. She was in a white coat and had a stethoscope around her neck. “She was a med student?” Luna asked sorrowfully. “Yes,” Nicole sniffed. “She had lots of plans, she wanted to be a gynecologist so that she could help women,” cried Nicole. “I mean, it doesn’t make sense, Natasha was always indoors by 8PM then all of a sudden, she disappears on her first day in campus then she’s found dead in a place that’s out of bounds. What happened to her? Did she get lost and fell from a cliff, I just don’t understand?” Nicole cried painfully

“She didn’t fall, she was murdered,” said a deep voice from the door. “Dad?” Nicole cried as she went to hug her father. “I swear to God I don’t know what happened dad?” Nicole continued crying. “She just disappeared and I couldn’t find her,” said Nicole in pain. “Someone murdered your sister,” said Nicole’s father angrily. “What the campus forgot to tell you was that she was found naked with a very deep cut wound on her neck,” he added then showed us a photo of her lifeless body lying on a metallic slab at the morgue. I wonder whether people are allowed to take photos in a morgue but anyway, what I saw was creepy. Poor Natasha had a very deep cut on her neck. The cut was so deep that I saw a piped like organ which I thought was the trachea, or esophagus, OK I didn’t know what that organ was, I’m not a doctor. But whatever it was, it was literally split into two, one up and one down. Her forehead had a mark. A mark that seemed to be from a hot metal which came into contact with the skin. The mark was a skull with a snake coiled around it. Luna began trembling and breathing rapidly when she saw the mark, the bulbs in the room flickered but when she grabbed my hand, all of it stopped though I felt as if some electric surge was being conducted through my body like a lightning rod.

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