Chapter 3

Nicole was terrified, Kai was speechless, Natasha’s father was furious and Luna walked out of the room since it’s not everyday someone sees a photo of a corpse that was almost beheaded. Out of courtesy, we let the family grieve and left the room. “Jay? The mark on her forehead,” said Kai while we were on our way out of the building. “T’was the same as the tattoo on the waiter,” I replied. “Where’s Luna?” Kai added as we found our way out of the room. At that point we realised that those hostels had a strong metallic gate which was always locked by a heavy padlock 11pm and opened at 6.30pm. There was no history of any violent breaking in the day Natasha disappeared. Actually the security guard mentioned that nobody had ever broken in or gotten out of those hostels past 11pm yet according to Nicole, Natasha wasn’t in her room at 5am which made her death more mysterious.

I tried to call Luna but she didn’t answer my calls. I tried again and still she didn’t, I repeated the same thing 32 more times but there was no response. Where was my Luna? That was the question that lingered on my mind, she always answered my calls with lots of joy and love. I sent her a text message but 3 hours later, there was no response. I sent her another text, another one and another one, still no reply. “For future references, one text message is just as effective as 30 text messages,” said Kai but I ignored him
We went for supper and sat at our normal spot but Luna wasn’t there with us. Suddenly, there was a chyme from my phone. My heart rate suddenly rose and I looked at my phone. Enter pattern to unlock your device. I had the most complicated pattern for unlocking my phone, but who would blame me, I had Luna’s nudes on my phone gallery with captions such as; I want you inside me, I miss you, Come f**k me. There were two more chimes from my phone and I became anxious. I placed my pattern but it just gave me; Wrong pattern try again. After a minute I saw a text that read, You will acces your device in the next 60s,,,,59,,,,,58,,,,,,,” That was the longest 1 minute in my life since it felt like a millenium. “I’ll unlock it for you,” said Kai and he immediately unlocked it. How on Earth did he know my pattern? Anyway the phone was unlocked. I wore a cheek to cheek grin but this was suddenly changed to a gloom when I saw that they were texts from my mother who just wanted to know whether I was alright. I ignored her without thinking twice. Damn that was cold even for me. The waiter brought my supper but it wasn’t what I ordered. I got annoyed, yelled at him and spilled the food on his clothes creating a scene then I stormed out of the cafeteria kicking the empty seats as hard as I could. My phone rang, it was my mother. “Aaargh what does she want!!” I said not knowing that I was so loud that everyone heard. I watched it ring till she hanged up.

I walked to my room very annoyed especially at the thought of Luna. “Why was that bitch ignoring me, if she had an issue, why can’t she just say it instead of acting like pubertal teenager,,,,,,” “You are the one who’s acting like a pubertal teen,” said Kai. “Normalize controlling your emotions,” he added but my attention was at the window of my room, directly adjacent to that of Luna. I stood there waiting for the love of my life to appear like she did every other night, where she’s always undressed, making me stare at her breasts, hips, thighs ,,,then she sends a voice note saying, “I want your big pitchfork inside me,” making me horny. However, she wasn’t there and I felt a hollow inside. My chest had some awkward pain, doctors call precordial chest pain, signs of angina pectoris, in layman’s language, a heart attack.”I’m going to see her,” I said. “Come on Jay,” said Kai. “What!!!” I yelled. “She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to talk,” said Kai in a calm voice but I still didn’t listen. Just as I was at the door Kai yelled my name, but this time, it was in a frantic tone. “H,,,,,how many people are,,,, are in this room,” he asked. “Two, what kinda stupid question is that?” I asked. “Wh,,,wh,,,, why do you have two shadows?” Kai asked looking scared. I saw two shadows, one wasn’t moving and the other one, which was mine, was moving. The door I had opened slammed shut hitting my face and locked itself. The windows slammed shut and the lights went off. I felt something something grabbing my back, something strong which felt like hands. But they weren’t ordinary hands since the surface area the hands covered on my back was way too large. Within a fraction of a second, I was pulled backwards by an immensely strong force and hit the edge of the study table. The lights were back, I was down on the floor with a broken nose and a painful back. Kai was on his bed, he was in shock after everything that transpired. My phone chimed. It was Luna!!! The text read, “I’m sorry for all that. I’m just in no mood for a chitchat. Good night.”

“So your little girlfriend shows up, starts talking about cults, demons and human sacrifice under the full moon. That very same night, the night of the full moon, Natasha disappears then a few weeks later she’s found dead with the very same mark that your precious, innocent and lovely Luna described it as the mark of that cult. She then makes it clear she doesn’t want to be seen but you, Mr. Alejandro Casanova the romantic goes to see her. While at the door, a ghost you say, slams the door right on your face and almost breaks your back. Second later, Her Highness, miss Luna texts saying she’s sorry for all that. Open your eyes Jay, you fell in love with a demon from hell. Probably the devil’s favorite demon,” said Kai early that morning. A part of me wanted to fight. How dare he call Luna the devil yet he didn’t even know her as well as I did

Meanwhile, as he kept throwing the accusing finger at her, I was thinking of a story to tell the school doctor since I couldn’t tell him that some ghost whacked me and smashed my back at the edge of the table. There was a soft knock on the door and Kai opened it. It was Luna. “What do you want?” Kai asked her. “I came to see Jay and apologize,” said Luna politely and sweetly. “Jay hi, I came to,,,,,,oh no Jay, you are hurt,” said Luna almost crying. “Cut the crap young lady, you know very well what you did to Mr.Casanova last night,” said Kai but Luna didn’t reply. “We need to take you to a doctor, what happened to you?” Luna asked as she got into the room (Kai had blocked the entrance but he was too scared to be jujued by Luna so he let her in. “We are going to see a doctor, now!!” Luna insisted

“How did you say this happened again?” The doctor asked after he saw a pink swelling on my back. “I fell while I was ascending a flight of stairs and I fell.” I lied, the same lie I told Luna but something tells me she didn’t believe me. From your X-rays, nothing has been broken or dislocated,” said the doctor which gave me a sigh of relief. “You just have an STI,” said the doctor. “Say what now!?” I exclaimed, Luna’s eyes were wide open and the doctor chuckled. “Not The STIs but an STI, Soft Tissue Injury. The muscles on your back are injured so apply this and rest your back,” said the doctor

“I just couldn’t let you see me like that. I was terrified after I saw Natasha’s body. So I just didn’t want someone close to me coz I would have done something I’d regret,” said Luna as she applied the cream on my back while I was in her room. “So, are you going to tell me what really happened to you? Alps hostels don’t have stairs,” she added. “They don’t? Of course they don’t,” I said to myself watching her look for something inside her closet. She then smiled over her shoulder. She was freaking beautiful. “Stop staring Jay, you are being creepy,” she said. “Is Nicole around?” I asked. “No she’s making preparations for her sister’s burial at her home,” said Luna. “Why don’t you show me those tattoos, I only see them behind my screen,” I requested. “We’ll do whatever you want if you tell me what really happened to you,” said Luna taking off her black deera leaving her with some extremely tight booty shorts and a vest. She slowly walked towards me, sat on my thighs wrapped her arms around me. “So what happened to your back?” Luna asked again. Within no time she kissed my lips and tasted like strawberries, “Why do your lips taste like strawberries?” I asked. “It’s the lip bum I used. She took off her glasses and continued kissing me. At first I felt a force, similar to what I felt when that ghost whacked me, but I just couldn’t resist those strawberry lips. As she held on tight onto me, I felt something being drained out of my body in the form of an electric charge. She smiled at me as she took off vest leaving her with some firm pair of boobs then smiled again. She tore my shirt , literally expecting some abs but rather saw my skinny chest. “You really need to eat Jay,” she said while laughing
Anyway where was I, oh yeah, Luna. I took off her booty shorts leaving her completely naked and nicely shaved just as I liked it. He thick yellow thigh had a crown tattoo which i kissed, the same way i kissed her lips, boobs an navel. No one was to disturb us, not Nicole, not Kai, not the sudden opening and closing of doors, and definitely, even the ghost which whacked me wasn’t supposed to disturb us. She stared at my erected penis which she described it as the Devil’s pitch fork, straight, firm and hard then bit her lower lip. She opened her heavenly gates and I got in, sending a very loud but deep moan. Her fist was firmly clenched to her sheets and I could feel her legs shake with subsequent shots. Rapid breathing continued with her hands all over and finally she firmly grabbed my back so tightly as I withdrew my devil’s pitch fork sending jets of semen all over her boobs and abdomen. But she didn’t mind. She caught her breath and placed her head on my chest. “We should do this more often,” she said while smiling. “So this ghost which whacked you, did you see it’s face or something?” Luna asked and I wondered when and how did I tell her that. But one more kiss on my lips made me spill the beans. We covered our naked bodies under her duvet and had a nice normal chat

“So you wanna be my girlfriend Luna?” I finally got the courage to ask. “Aaaaaaaaaw, Jayson, that’s so sweet of you to ask me that. My answer is NO. I was just horny, I was not in love,” she replied in a strict tone with finality

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